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Transforming Project Management With Technological Advancements

Collaborating with many of the top 200 commercial law firms requires maintaining a high level of confidentiality due to the sensitive nature of their projects. Therefore, we are often unable to disclose specific details about particular matters. However, we can share how our clients have effectively utilised our tools and services to manage high-profile cases. This information can support your research as you consider using our solutions for your own similar projects.

Then & Now: 

Several years ago, the team at Search Acumen encountered a significant challenge: managing a large confidential redevelopment site involving both residential and commercial titles. The process was arduous and time-consuming, requiring extensive data from the Land Registry and manual mapping onto a GIS system. This complexity led to weeks of preparation, intricate data layering, and considerable cross-checking efforts, impacting all involved teams and departments. 

Fast forward to today, the same redevelopment site has once again captured our attention. This time, advancements in technology have transformed our approach. 

The Task: 

We were faced with the challenge of visually representing almost 1000 individual titles on a single map, identifying various ownerships and tenures while accommodating additional titles. 

The Problem: 

Traditionally, this would involve a manual mapping process, estimated to take 6 to 8 weeks. This posed potential delays and resource strain due to the heavy collation of datasets. 

The Solution: 

Leveraging our Illustrative Map tool within the ForeSite platform, we swiftly plotted all titles on a single map. This tool provided clear identification of areas of interest and enabled easy extraction of relevant titles. It facilitated quick identification and resolution of boundary and ownership issues, simplifying the management of large-scale projects compared to manual methods. Additionally, the tool allowed seamless collaboration between teams, clients, and law firms, providing secure information sharing, audit trails, and immediate accessibility to authorised parties. 

Creating an Illustrative Map took only minutes, allowing different team members to interact with the data and save separate plan views based on their roles. Through data integration, various iterations were saved, revealing missing titles that were promptly added without project delays. Our client also utilised our Data Snapshot report, providing additional insights for informed decision-making. 


What previously took 6 to 8 weeks was accomplished within minutes using Search Acumen’s Illustrative Map tool. The integration of a Data Snapshot report further enhanced project insights, enabling smooth progression without delays or the need for additional mapping when missing titles were identified. The tool’s interactivity facilitated collaboration among team members and provided a professional resource for the client, ensuring confident and swift project advancement. Technological advancements have significantly streamlined working practices, enabling more efficient and effective project management. 

Discover how our innovative tools can transform your project management. Contact us to learn more about the products and technologies that made this remarkable transformation possible.


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