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Centralised Solution For Raising, Responding To & Managing Property Enquiries

Game-changing digital conveyancing that streamlines your workflow & increases productivity

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Reduces the management of emails and documents

Gather the information you need from your clients and other law firms through this centralised solution for raising, responding to and managing property enquiries. Full visibility means the case can be picked up in someone’s absence, delays can be avoided with clear audit trails while information is stored securely, sent and received via an email link.

The platform also digitises the paper-heavy TR1/TP1 transfer process, giving you a full end to-end digital conveyancing system.

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  • Raise enquiries and send documents to any solicitor acting on the other side
  • Automatically generate a document with all enquiries and responses to attach to the contract
  • Select from predefined enquiries relating to search results, contract information, leasehold enquiries, and more
  • Pass enquiries to clients and third parties via a consumer workspace
  • Declare when the enquiries are resolved
  • The dashboard and notifications enable you to act quickly and provides visibility across your firm


  • Reduces the management of emails and documents
  • Saves time related to commonly raised enquiries
  • Removes additional time required at a critical stage of the transaction by creating client-friendly documents with all information included
  • Increases the speed at which other parties can be updated on a transaction
  • Allows firms to progress to completing contracts faster
  • Prioritise your workload without having to rely on emails

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