Data Snapshot

An Advanced Pre-Screening Property Report

Annotate and highlight risks through an interactive and shareable report. Data Snapshot empowers real estate lawyers to create a rapid risk assessment of their clients’ land or property, before a search has even been ordered.

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Preview and assess crucial property information

Data Snapshot has been designed using feedback from the very people who now use it. Whether you’re working on a complex commercial site or a portfolio of residential properties, Data Snapshot allows you to consult with your clients about important risk factors in an instant.

With the interactive map, you have complete flexibility to save multiple views, add comments, toggle data layers on and off, and mark up the map using a multitude of tools.

Not only are you supplied with a link that takes you to the interactive live map, but you will also receive a pdf copy.

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Data Snapshot is an extension of our vision – to create products and services based on openly available data and help firms with the adoption of technology.


  • Report is available instantly.
  • Fully interactive map, giving you greater flexibility and customization.
  • Pricing is based on the size of the area.
  • No restrictions on data layers – you can include as many data layers as you need.
  • Directly links to the register of overseas entities
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  • Remotely and visually interact with your clients using maps, live data and boundary information – removing the limitations of static reports.
  • Annotate mapping, leave comments and highlight risks in real-time.
  • Colour-coded functionality to instantly identify unregistered land.
  • Time and date stamped report to help provide an audit trail for your due diligence.
  • Faster risk assessments that leave you more informed and able to provide an enhanced client experience.


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