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Examining intricate corporate hierarchies and establishing individual links between people and companies can be labour-intensive. Do you often discover yourself sifting through stacks of documents, painstakingly sketching charts and diagrams to establish these connections? If you wish to streamline this tedious task and allocate more time to other priorities, data visualisation technology is the solution you’ve been seeking.

Introducing REVEAL – Crafted to streamline the task of deciphering and conveying corporate search information, our data visualisation tool, REVEAL, effortlessly handles what would otherwise be a laborious and intricate task.  It is an interactive workspace that facilitates your UK Company search findings with a simple click, freeing up your hours of time and facilitating seamless communication with your clients and stakeholders. Better still REVEAL is free with every Companies House search ordered through Search Acumen.

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We provide a selection of three corporate search packages: basic, company conveyancing, and comprehensive, giving you the flexibility to choose the solution that suits your requirements best. Our reports are delivered promptly and include:

  • Eliminates manual analysis of complex company information and relationships.
  • Uses information from sources including Companies House Beta and Companies House Direct.
  • View shareholder percentages, information on persons of significant control and historic company events in a single interactive workspace.
  • Perform follow-on searches directly from REVEAL by clicking on any person, company, or property, with data pre-populated into your search to streamline the process.
  • Select any date from the company history since its inception to view the corporate structure and events of importance at the time.

Your access to high quality data sources:

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