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VOI helps to improve the security, compliance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of the client onboarding process. By automating and streamlining the identity verification process, businesses can ensure that they are meeting regulatory requirements and protecting themselves from fraud and other security risks, while also providing a better experience for their clients.

With eCOS’s Verification of Identity, you can take a straightforward initial measure to confirm the authenticity of your clients’ identities, enabling you to meet your compliance obligations with confidence.

Our solution simplifies the task by enabling the verification of various types of government-issued IDs from numerous countries. Equipped with cutting-edge counterfeit detection and anti-fraud software, VOI ensures thorough authentication. Additionally, the capability to scan NFC chips is integrated wherever available.

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The Highlights

Liveness checks: play a crucial role in confirming the identity of the individual being onboarded. Through our software, we conduct a thorough scan of the client’s face, capturing measurements and analysing hundreds of data points to ensure an accurate match.

User-friendly experience: Every year, hundreds of thousands of individuals utilise eCOS VOI via desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. We offer a user-friendly, step-by-step digital interface that assists your clients in swiftly and effortlessly completing the process.

Safe Harbour represents the identity verification standard: advocated by HM Land Registry. To meet this standard, your clients will need to use an identity document equipped with an electronic (NFC) chip, which can be conveniently scanned using the eCOS App. Furthermore, we offer a free-of-charge customisation option for the eCOS App, allowing your .clients to have their own branded version.

Including an AML check? With eCOS’s advanced technology, you can effortlessly request an AML check simultaneously while ordering a VOI by simply ticking a box. Our software utilises the information extracted from the client’s verified ID documents to perform the check, eliminating the need for additional data entry. This streamlined process ensures peace of mind for you and efficient compliance.



The Benefits

  • Enhanced security: VOI helps to ensure that your client onboarding process is secure by verifying the identity of your clients.
  • Better customer experience: An easier and quicker solution, making the onboarding process more efficient and less burdensome.
  • Improved compliance: Using VOI helps you to meet regulatory requirements related to customer due diligence, anti-money laundering, and other requirements related to customer onboarding.
  • Streamlined process: if offers a streamlined identity verification process, which can save time and reduce errors that might arise in a manual process.
  • Seamless integration into your CMS: Upon completion, the results can be seamlessly integrated into your CMS* for easy access and management.

*A full list of CMS integrations can be found on our integrations page of our website.

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