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Comprehensive Search Integrated with HM Land Registry

An early Land Registry bankruptcy search in the transaction can reveal any possible issues beforehand, thereby fulfilling lender requirements and safeguarding all parties participating in the conveyancing process.

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It's essential to conduct a bankruptcy search

In cases where you are representing a lender and dealing with a charge over a property interest, it’s essential to conduct a bankruptcy search using HM Land Registry under the Land Charges Act 1972 (LCA 1972) for the borrower, any third-party mortgagor, and any guarantor for the borrower.

Performing the bankruptcy search, Lawyer Checker, and Anti-Money Laundering searches at the same time is recommended. Our platform makes it effortless to complete all these tasks and ensures a hassle-free and comprehensive digital conveyancing process.

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Our aim is to provide you with swift and precise results when accessing bankruptcy search information. To that end, we have established a connection with the Land Registry, enabling you to conduct your bankruptcy search through us. This allows you to complete all your search and due diligence requirements on a single platform. All results are promptly returned to Search Acumen and securely stored for seven years, along with the relevant matter reference.

If your case management system is integrated with platform, the results will be automatically stored in your matter in the CMS too. This offers a more efficient and integrated due diligence process, ensuring seamless record-keeping of all search results.

Servicing all of your due diligence needs:

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