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State-Of-The-Art Due Diligence Services

Safeguard your firm and your clients with top-tier due diligence services that are integrated directly into the same platform where you handle your other essential conveyancing tasks.

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Simplifies your end-to-end digital conveyancing workflow.

Compliance is always at the forefront of law firms’ concerns, with regulations frequently being revised and evolving. Accessible all within a single platform, our due diligence products are firm favourites with our clients, as they offer you the level of protection needed to ensure everyone from your clients, firm, and even yourself, are kept safe.

Results are automatically integrated into your matters via our system, simplifying your end-to-end digital conveyancing workflow.

Regardless of the type of search or check you need to conduct, our comprehensive solutions have you covered from; digitally verifying your client’s id, to carrying out bank account validation checks, or conducting an AML search to verifying a vendor’s solicitor via Lawyer Checker. You can be safe in the knowledge that whatever solution you require, our due diligence offering does it all.


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Servicing all of your due diligence needs:

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