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Instantly obtain results to confirm the authenticity of a vendor’s solicitor, which can assist you in reducing the potential risks associated with the transactions.

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Conducts due diligence checks with confidence

The prevalence of conveyancing fraud is on the rise, which can pose significant consequences for individuals who are moving homes. However, taking measures to verify the authenticity of the vendor’s lawyer can help prevent some of these fraudulent activities. It is equally important to verify the information of the other party’s solicitor, just as you would with your own client. By utilising our solution, you can identify any counterfeit firms or solicitors and ensure that the third party is indeed legitimate.

Lawyer Checker’s software, enables law firms to conduct due diligence checks with confidence as the software is a dependable tool designed to combat identity fraud. The software accurately verifies account information and can identify any past occurrences of funds being acquired in relation to conveyancing transactions, which elevates the effectiveness of the due diligence process.

To learn more about conveyancing scams, you can refer to the SRA’s warning notices.

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