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Prepare for the introduction of REI – our revolutionary web applications driven by state-of-the-art AI technology.

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Exciting developments are underway

REI, short for ‘Real Estate Intelligence,’ is not just an application; it’s a revolution. Imagine a tool that not only reads, extracts, and standardises the format of Local Authority searches but it also highlights questions and sections from the extract that require attention.

Furthermore, it features a smart Q&A tool that enables users to ask REI specific questions or use some of the pre-populated questions related to the search results. Users can also add personalised flags to the extract parts with customisable colours and notes.

Elevate your efficiency to new heights with REI, achieving a competitive advantage through the utilisation of state-of-the-art technology for analysing results.

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The Highlights

  • Compare and contrast, allowing AI to highlight differences.
  • Save time as the burden of manual and admin-heavy tasks is removed.
  • Work with greater efficiency and accuracy.
  • Gain a competitive advantage as you utilise ground-breaking technology to analyse search results.
  • Have complete autonomy as search information can be extracted and delivered as raw data.
  • Is able to read both Local Authority LLC1 results & HMLR LLC1 results.

Key Features

Some of the many features to expect

Side-by-side comparative results

On-screen viewing of LLC1 & Con29 data extracts alongside PDF results

Highlighted anomalies

A data extract summary highlights sections that require your attention. Direct links take you to the corresponding points in the data extract and PDF

Annotations with ease

Personalised flagging of extract parts with customisable colours and notes

Q&A Tool

To ask specific questions or use some of the pre-populated questions related to the search results

Edits & Updates

Ability to update final predictions, assign tasks to colleagues and provide feedback on extracted information.

Features for locating specific data

PDF search feature for specific sections/questions or a link option from the data extract

JSON file data extracts

Option to receive the data extract as a JSON file

Join us on the digital journey

REI will be set to make its debut following its BETA trial with participating lawyers sharing valuable feedback and suggestions for optimal enhancement.

It’s a solution in the process of meticulous crafting, designed with lawyers for lawyers.

If you wish to stay informed of its development progress, kindly fill out the form below to receive occasional email updates. Alternatively, if you have a question or would like further information, please enquire here.

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