Property Report

A Transformative Way To Create A Report On Title

Property Reports are delivered in a standardised format, branded to your firm, and pre-populated with information gathered from searches and HM Land Registry documents, eliminating errors, improving compliance and delivering consistency.

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Limit the opportunity for inaccuracies and tap into time savings

How long does it take you to create a report on title?

Our streamlined reporting allows you to produce a report on title in just 15 minutes.  A faster and more accurate approach, letting you leave behind the extremely manual process of researching, reviewing, as well as copy and pasting information time and time again.

Once a tenure type has been determined, Property Report gets to work, instantly compiling all relevant information and displaying it in a way that is client friendly. Property Report boasts flexible reporting as each section is also editable and the report can be saved as a draft and revisited at any time for completion.

Automatically report on SDLT, identify rent charges from the Register and report on shared ownership; Property Report can even provide assistance with disclaimers, flag sections that are incomplete, and suggest indemnity solutions with the risk management feature.

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  • Streamlined process allowing time savings of up to 4.9 hours per transaction
  • Increased accuracy with the pre-population of information
  • Visibility of progress within the use dashboard
  • Flexibility to upload different types of documents within the appendices section
  • Consistent, professional reports across your firm with the option to add customised branding options

What to learn more about Property Report?

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  • Risk management assistance – disclaimers, incomplete sections, indemnity insurance suggestions
  • Pre-population of information – extracted from searches and HM Land Registry documents
  • Pre-written wording – for each tenure type and high-risk scenarios, client-friendly language
  • Customisable, branded report
  • Editable – changes can be made

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