A Title Risk Analysis Tool, Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Instantly analyse critical legal documents in the real estate transaction process for potential risks. Empower your team to identify risks earlier, and effectively manage complex portfolios.

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Supercharge your title due diligence with Artificial Intelligence

A new partnership to provide real estate lawyers with new opportunities.

Avail Title is an uncomplicated and pre-trained platform that can evaluate common real estate transactional documents instantly.

The user-friendly platform, allows users to conveniently upload various documents, including title registers and property searches, and its AI engine quickly and intelligently analyses them. The analysed documents can then be downloaded and sent to clients as well as utilised to generate a report on title. This process can help to reduce the time and costs associated with the transaction and enable the completion of complex deals with few resources.

Furthermore, Avail Title can identify potential risks earlier in the transaction process, leading to a more efficient and streamlined process.

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How does it work?

Whether you’re an existing Avail subscriber or a new customer, you can now conveniently access Avail Title through the Search Acumen commercial platform, seamlessly integrating all of your real estate tasks into one single system, enabling greater productivity and efficiency.

Step 1

Upload your own title documents or purchase them directly through Avail Title via the supercharged HMLR portal.

Step 2

Build your reports - Simply select the elements you'd like included in your report.

Step 3

Download your reports - Automatically download a range of reports, from a high-level analysis to a portfolio report, to a drafted Certificate of Title.

What reports can I get?

Avail Title’s reports have been designed by real estate lawyers, for real estate lawyers.

They are laser focused on providing genuinely useful reports to inform client reporting. All reports are created as flexible Word or Excel documents:

  • A high-level key issues report
  • A detailed analysis report
  • A spreadsheet portfolio report
  • Long and short form CLLS Certificates of Title

Key Features

  • Analyse Unlimited Titles – Automatically analyse title registers and plans from England or Scotland for legal risk, with no limits
  • Legal Risk Identification – Instantly highlights risks such as charges, rights, covenants, burdens, securities and many more
  • Flexible Reporting – Produce a range of reports, including high level red flags, a detailed analysis, or even a full Certificate of Title
  • 100% Pre-Trained Ai – No data labelling or training required on your end – a focus on simplicity for maximum
    adoption in your team
  • Land Registry Portal + – Search and purchase title documents in bulk, including an instant digital PN1 search and
    other optimisations
  • Report Upgrades – Upgrade with Digital Mapping, Planning Reporting, Corporate Crosschecks and more!
  • Exclusive Pricing – exclusive pricing options for Search Acumen customers

Key Benefits

Saves Time

An average of 20 minutes saved per title

Reduces Cost

Avail have reported that on average, clients are saving £900,000 per annum

Return on Investment

Avail clients have reported an average ROI of 1,050%

Search Acumen & AVAIL join forces

Partnership Insight

Andrew Lloyd , Managing Director at Search Acumen, says:

“It has never been more important to reduce the strain on property lawyers through technology than it is now. This exciting venture with Avail enables us to accelerate our vision to increase digitisation across the sector. We want to help lawyers do things faster and smarter, this furthermore strengthens our ability to present the most efficient and effective methods to achieve this goal.”

“This partnership continues our strategy to collaborate with like-minded, innovative firms to give a rounded all-in service to our customers that grasp the possibilities of emerging tech like AI and blockchain. Search Acumen is focused on pushing back the boundaries of 21st century real estate to help our clients to support their businesses and ultimately satisfy their clients.”

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