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Accelerate Pre-Completion Processes

Streamline the creation of your digital contract pack using Contract of Sale – the efficient solution to maintain the momentum of your transaction.  It’s fast, efficient and auto-generates!

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In the world of conveyancing, the waiting game can slow down your transaction’s progress. The time-consuming chore of collecting documents from various sources and dealing with data discrepancies can lead to frustrating delays. But fear not, because Contract of Sale has a solution that can revolutionise your conveyancing experience.

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Introducing Digital Contract Packs:

A Faster Path to Pre-Completion

Tired of the snail’s pace that document gathering and data alignment can bring to your conveyancing transaction? Our cutting-edge digital contract packs are designed to alleviate these challenges and propel your pre-completion process forward. Discover how Contract of Sale is reshaping the way law firms handle contract preparation and submission:

Save Precious Time

Imagine generating your comprehensive digital contract packs in a mere two minutes. Thanks to our automated document collation, you can bid farewell to painstaking manual assembly and welcome swift, streamlined efficiency.

Say Goodbye to Delays Caused by Errors

Errors and inconsistencies in data can be a thorn in the side of any conveyancing process. With Contract of Sale, automated validations are your guardians against such pitfalls. Identify discrepancies early on and make necessary amendments to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted transaction.

Speed Meets Simplicity

Preparing your digital contract pack is a breeze with Contract of Sale's user-friendly platform. With pre-populated data and a single workspace, you'll find yourself ready to compile your pack in just four clicks. Efficiency has never been this effortless.

Witness how Contract of Sale is transforming firms' practices:

Streamline your contract pack assembly digitally for a seamless pre-completion journey, conveniently consolidating all your essential components.

  • Automated Data Pre-fill: Effortlessly tap into data from eCOS-completed TA forms, eliminating the need for redundant data entry, and saving valuable time.
  • Transparent Digital Audit Trail: Enjoy heightened transparency by effortlessly updating or appending information while monitoring changes through an audit trail accessible via the workspace.
  • Error-Resistant Validations: Rely on Contract of Sale’s intelligent validations to scan your digital contract pack for inconsistencies, diminishing the potential for human errors associated with manual cross-checks.
  • Unified Workspace: Within a single workspace, gather all essentials, encompassing TA forms (TA6, TA7, and TA10), TA13 Land Registry office copies, EPC, and Standard Conditions of Sale. With a single click, we compile everything into an email, ready for dispatch.
  • Seamlessly Integrated with Your CMS: Experience harmonious two-way data flow facilitated by Contract of Sale’s integration with your CMS, ensuring a unified, authoritative data source.

Embrace the future of conveyancing with Contract of Sale – where efficiency meets precision, and convenience meets accuracy.  Are you ready to accelerate your pre-completion process using digital contract packs?

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