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Welcome to our residential platform, a revolutionary way of completing every step of the property transaction process digitally

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From Onboarding to Post-completion, our platform seamlessly integrates all of your conveyancing tasks into one single system, enabling greater productivity and efficiency. Compatible and easily integrated into numerous case management systems, the platform automates many previously manual tasks, reducing time spent collating data and avoiding re-keying errors with pre-population. Vital insights enable transparency across every stage of a transaction so you never miss key dates.

It allows you to share standardised information with your teams so everyone has access to all cases to keep everything moving. You can also allow clients to upload their details from start to finish through their own devices. The platform is having a significant impact in the market and, as the trend towards further digitisation in the property market continues, will become an invaluable must-have for all.

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Benefits of our Residential PropTech

Offering market-leading products and services, specifically developed for the residential market, and all housed in one intuitive and innovative platform…welcome to the home of property transactions


Using the latest technologies, with new additions and innovations being added continuously, you can be safe in the knowledge of having access to best-in-class solutions.


Products and solutions are housed in one platform, making your user journey seamless, from pre-population of content to integrating with leading CMS providers.


Be rest assured that we've got it covered, from Safe Harbour compliance to integrating with HMRC & HMLR, you are in safe hands.

Complete Flexibility

Only pay for what you use with our pay-as-you-go pricing model.

More recently, we have become more involved in transitioning our clients to electronic onboarding and identification to meet modern expectations and to move with the times which Search Acumen has been instrumental!
Karen Chui , Nockolds
I have just prepared a Land Transaction Return to send to a client using your SDLT solution and I found it very straightforward and definitely quicker. This will save us so much time going forward.
Carole Evans , Kiteleys Solicitors
I have found the new SA platform to be very in depth with far more capabilities and options than we had before. Furthermore, when ordering searches we find that we have far more autonomy in selecting various features or search criteria when ordering searches for our clients.
Francesca Gill , Simeous Law
I love your AP1 solution and I've been telling our partner how great it is. Since we’ve adopted it, the number of requisitions relating to inputting details we get has reduced. We also use your platform for other products which means I no longer have to rekey information into the system as it automatically pre-populates this for us! It’s a wonderful time saving and efficient solution.

I like that it prioritises my automatic notifications . It used to be a manual task which I don’t have to do anymore as the system does it for me. When I first started using your solution I referred to your FAQ section if I was ever unsure and was always able to find the answers to my questions easily.
Sue , Cunningtons LLP

We also offer Commercial Real Estate solutions

Connecting real estate lawyers to streamlined and future-proofed practices

  • Risk Mitigation – Instant upfront data
  • Data-Driven Decision Making – Identify & visualise
  • Complete Flexibility – PAYG pricing model

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