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Our AP1 platform has successfully handled one million submissions, demonstrating its capacity to streamline processes and notably cut down on requisitions.

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Seamlessly interacts with HM Land Registry

At Search Acumen, we offer comprehensive conveyancing solutions for both residential and commercial transactions. Our cutting-edge management software is designed to seamlessly interact with HM Land Registry, enabling our suite of AI-powered tools to streamline the conveyancing process and support firms in transitioning to a fully digital AP1 process.

With our proven and trusted platform, we’re proud to be the most widely-used solution in the market, facilitating over 5,000 AP1 submissions every week. You can rely on Search Acumen to provide the expertise and tools you need to ensure a smooth and efficient conveyancing process.

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We leverage smart technology to simplify and speed up the conveyancing process. Our advanced software automatically attaches the SDLT5, eliminating the need to download, save, print, scan, and upload forms. This streamlined approach saves you time and hassle, ensuring a faster and simpler experience.

Our intuitive AP1 solution makes managing requisitions easier than ever. With a direct connection to HM Land Registry, you can communicate directly and respond promptly to requisitions, upload supporting documents, request updates, and review correspondence. Our solution empowers you with the tools you need to stay on top of the conveyancing process and ensure a seamless transaction from start to finish.

Exciting New Enhancement

Extract Data from your Deeds

Imagine a platform where you can effortlessly upload your TR1/TP1, Charge, and all the Deeds’ data, which includes information on buyers, sellers, lenders, address details, executors, power of attorney, etc and as a result of this, the AP1 form gets automatically populated with all the necessary information. It also promptly alerts you to any discrepancies it detects too.

Well you no longer have to rely on your imagination for this because this exciting new enhancement to our suite of services has arrived and it is a game-changer for future AP1 submissions. Our AP1 platform has already processed one million submissions, proving its ability to save time and significantly reduce requisitions. However, this latest enhancement takes it even further! #ThinkingAhead

Another Exciting Enhancement

Following the success of Populate AP1 from Deeds, we are thrilled to introduce our latest offering: Populate AP1 from Lease!

This new service marks a significant evolution of our Smart AP1/Populate AP1 from Deeds feature, revolutionising the way you handle Lease documents. Now, you can effortlessly extract crucial data from Lease documents, even those spanning over 50 pages, directly into your AP1 form within seconds.


Key Features

Why is it so popular?

  • AP1 Dashboard – Integrated with Land Registry, our dashboard is a clear and simple way to work through requisitions, minimise delays and finalise transactions.
  • Pre-Populated form completion – Faster and efficient completion reduces the risk of discrepancies and time delays.
  • SDLT5 Automatically Attached – Reducing time spent on admin.
  • Filtered Submission Requirements – Pre-filtered smart forms speed up the completion and submission process, only seeing sections relevant to the case, reducing historically a labour-intensive process.
  • LMS Integration – Integrated technologies offering a simplified and automated upload process.
  • Clone Tool –  Gives you the ability to clone existing draft/order forms, saving you time and resource as well as reducing the chance of mis-typing or making mistakes
  • Populate AP1 from Deeds – This new feature enables crucial data to be extracted from TR1 and Charge documents and is used to populate the AP1 form.
  • Populate AP1 from Lease – This new feature enables crucial data to be extracted from Lease documents, directly into your AP1 form within seconds.

System Capabilities

  • Complete the whole application in one web page
  • Draft applications can be saved, re-visited and submitted at any time.
  • Receive requisition email reminders and alerts with our smart AP1 dashboard.
  • SDLT5 automatically attached
  • Dynamic tips and pointers throughout to reduce requisitions
  • The ability to add additional recipients
  • Select common application bundles
  • Add own notes to assist the caseworker
  • FAQs are built in to help with queries & complex transactions
  • Review onscreen AP1 submission in original written format


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I love your AP1 solution and I've been telling our partner how great it is. Since we’ve adopted it, the number of requisitions relating to inputting details we get has reduced. We also use your platform for other products which means I no longer have to rekey information into the system as it automatically pre-populates this for us! It’s a wonderful time saving and efficient solution.

I like that it prioritises my automatic notifications . It used to be a manual task which I don’t have to do anymore as the system does it for me. When I first started using your solution I referred to your FAQ section if I was ever unsure and was always able to find the answers to my questions easily.
Sue , Cunningtons LLP

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