Proprietor Name Check (PNC)

Fast Company Ownership Information at the Start of a Transaction

An efficient and cost-effective tool for identifying ownership, capable of identifying any properties owned by or mortgaged to a particular company name.

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Results returned almost instantly, meaning no need for paper or post submissions

Our enhanced report not only returns exact name matches, similar to HM Land Registry’s solution, it also considers variations of spelling allowing close matches and those with typing errors to be retrieved via the CCOD and OCOD lookup. With our report, the process becomes more efficient, saving you additional costs as there is no need to order extra searches to capture name variations. Instead of charging per name or former name, we charge only once for the search.

This service is ideal for both portfolios and individual commercial transactions under corporate and commercial ownership, as a Proprietor Name Check can be performed quickly and easily at the initial stages of the due diligence process.

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Benefits of using PNC

  • Cost saving – one search and one fee
  • Pending application data included
  • Direct link to the register of overseas entities
  • More efficient – one request with all variations
  • More accurate results – searching for variations of spelling, typing errors and close name matches
  • Faster results – search results returned within minutes (in most cases instantly) of the search being ordered

Whilst working on a recent corporate acquisition transaction, the client provided a list of titles, but we wanted to check the accuracy, so ordered a Proprietor Name Check from Search Acumen to make sure. It checked spelling variations, was delivered fast and could order all Land Reg documents in one place, I don't think we will use PN1 anymore, this is now our preferred choice.

Proprietor Name Check:  Just one of our Instant Products…

When it comes to gathering information about your clients’ commercial properties, time is of the essence. That’s why we offer a suite of instant products designed to provide you with accurate and organised insights without any delays. They not only compliment each other but also excel independently. Whether you choose to use 1, 2, or all 3 of these solutions, their impact on your business will be significant.

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