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Seamless online access to HMLR documents, providing instant results and integration into your workflow, thanks to our direct connection and intelligent search technology.

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We offer an extensive range of Land Registry Searches

Although Land Registry services are pivotal for property transactions, the process of obtaining property information is often intricate and time-consuming. Substantial time is dedicated to administrative tasks such as navigating the HMLR portal, downloading required documents, and subsequently uploading them to the relevant matter. This procedure lacks efficiency and does not enhance your firm’s overall productivity.

With Search Acumen, you have the option to conveniently order a variety of HMLR documents online, receiving results within seconds and seamlessly integrating them into the relevant matter. Our exceptional direct connection with HM Land Registry, combined with our advanced search technology, simplifies the process of accessing property information, rendering it more accessible and user-friendly.

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Why use us instead of going direct?

At Search Acumen, we strongly believe in making the process of acquiring essential property information straightforward. Our unified platform allows you to effortlessly search for a diverse range of UK property reports. Our platform seamlessly combines user-friendly mapping tools with an extensive collection of HMLR documents, ensuring that you can access all the information you need. These results are smoothly integrated into your Content Management System (CMS) for rapid access.

Whether you’re engaged in a commercial or residential property transaction, obtaining Land Registry information can be a demanding task. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, obtaining the necessary Land Registry documents, such as Title Deeds, House Property Ownership Information, SIM searches, and more, has become effortless online. Within moments, you’ll receive multiple documents, conveniently stored under your respective matter number for easy retrieval whenever necessary.

What Land Registry services are available via us?

We provide a range of online searches and several on-demand services, including:

  • OC1: Register/Title Plan
  • Address Index Property Search
  • OC2: Document Search
  • Land Charge Bankruptcy Search
  • Land Charge Full Search
  • SIM: Search of Index Map
  • OS1: Official Search of Whole
  • OS2: Official Search of Part
  • Daylist Enquiry

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Other Commercial & Residential Searches Available

We offer an extensive range of commercial and residential property/land searches within our platform, enabling you to obtain all the property information you need easily and efficiently in one place.

Our in-depth knowledge of conveyancing, combined with our progressive technology, enables us to re-engineer the search process and deliver streamlined and efficient search data, saving you time and hassle.


Residential Conveyancing

A few examples of what else we offer

Looking for something else, or interested in what else our platform has to offer?  Here are a few products you may find of interest…

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