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Instead of waiting for days or weeks to receive information about your clients’ land and/or property during a fact-finding mission, Search Acumen provides a swift solution. With our trusted and tested instant products, you can access reliable and organised insights within minutes

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When it comes to gathering information about your clients’ commercial properties, time is of the essence. That’s why we offer a suite of instant products designed to provide you with accurate and organised insights without any delays.

Let's explore these three powerful tools:

Illustrative Map:

With Illustrative Map, you can quickly gain valuable visual insights into your clients' commercial properties & land. This innovative tool presents a clear and detailed view of property/land boundaries, neighbouring features, and the overall geographical context. By accessing this easily interpretable map, you can swiftly understand the spatial layout, aiding your decision-making process regarding land and property matters.

Data Snapshot:

Data Snapshot is a comprehensive solution that delivers up-to-date information about commercial properties right when you need it. By utilising this product, you gain access to vital property details such as ownership information, title deeds, lease terms, and relevant planning applications. Data Snapshot provides a concise and well-organised summary, ensuring you have all the necessary information readily available to make informed decisions efficiently, before a search has even been ordered.

Proprietor Name Check:

Ensuring accurate ownership details is crucial in commercial property transactions. Proprietor Name Check (PNC) empowers you to swiftly obtain reliable information about property owners, allowing you to search for registered proprietors associated with specific commercial properties, verify ownership information promptly and conduct thorough due diligence for your decision-making processes.

Practical Implementation

Demonstrating the Positive Impacts of our Instant Products

At times, envisioning the practical implementation of a tool or solution within your firm can be challenging. To address this, we have created several scenarios that showcase the positive impact our instant products can have. These scenarios illustrate how our tools can be effectively utilised within your organisation.

Proprietor Name Check

Step 1

You’re a busy real estate lawyer who would like to understand the company ownership information of an important case that you are working on.

Proprietor Name Check or PNC as its better known is the perfect tool for this. Similar to a PN1, but with enhanced features, our PNC provides an improved experience.

Our PNC generates an enhanced report that not only provides exact name matches, akin to HM Land Registry’s solution, but it goes further. It takes into account variations in spelling, allowing for close matches and retrieval of records with typing errors through the CCOD and OCOD lookup. The best part is, there are no additional costs associated with this service. Moreover, unlike competing products in the market, our search results are delivered electronically within minutes, and in many cases, instantaneously, from the moment you place the search order.

Illustrative Map

Step 2

Once you have obtained the ownership details, the subsequent stage involves giving life to those titles. This is where our Illustrative Map comes into play, serving as a robust digital and interactive visualisation tool.

Irrespective of the number of titles to be plotted or the extent of the area they cover, our Illustrative Map enables you to visualise all your titles on a single digital map. You have the flexibility to zoom in and out, annotate significant points of interest, and create customisable links with permissions tailored to your requirements. This functionality proves invaluable for client briefing and collaboration purposes.

With our Illustrative Map, there’s no need for colouring pencils or scissors, saving you hours of time and effort. Embrace the digital era and leverage the efficiency and convenience of our tool for an enhanced mapping experience.

Data Snapshot

Step 3

The final stage of your due diligence process involves assessing any potential risks associated with your site. This is where our Data Snapshot becomes invaluable.

Our advanced pre-screening property report empowers real estate lawyers to swiftly conduct a risk assessment of their clients’ land or property, even before ordering a comprehensive search. Available in both digital and PDF formats, this report efficiently categorizes risks into affected and not affected areas. By utilising this report, you can gain a clear understanding of the potential risks associated with the property in question.

As demonstrated earlier, our instant products not only compliment each other but also excel independently. Whether you choose to utilise one, two, or all three of these solutions, their impact on your business will be significant. To witness these products in action, we invite you to watch a short video showcasing their capabilities collectively, or alternatively reach out to us for a personalised demo or discussion with one of our team to find out more.

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During the process of setting up a new development transaction, I ordered an Illustrative Map as part of my title investigation which helped to identify a parcel of land my client owned but had forgotten about. Only by using the Illustrative Map and investigating the information was I able to identify this. Going forward I'll be recommending this product to all of my clients as part of every site set up.
Paul Dowdall , Gorvins
I love what you do. The innovative side of your business is second to none, which is very important to me. You provide everything I need, the platform itself is user friendly and if we have any questions, one of your team members is always there to help.
Corinne Edwards , Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner
Whilst working on a recent corporate acquisition transaction, the client provided a list of titles, but we wanted to check the accuracy, so ordered a Proprietor Name Check from Search Acumen to make sure. It checked spelling variations, was delivered fast and could order all Land Reg documents in one place, I don't think we will use PN1 anymore, this is now our preferred choice.
Search Acumen have designed a simple, easy to navigate, user friendly mapping and data platform, which makes due diligence for lawyers a smoother process.
Hana Satar , Reed Smith

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