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Search Acumen’s long-standing vision remains focused on preparing people and data for the next generation of property law.

Our unwavering dedication to this goal is evident in the wealth of data and solutions we have made available to you, our customers, over the past decade. As digitisation becomes increasingly commonplace, numerous tasks are now benefiting from technological support, making them more efficient and effective than before. We are constantly anticipating the future and seeking ways to seamlessly transition into the next digital landscape, ensuring that both our customers and the market reap the rewards.

What are we doing?
As part of our data evolution journey, we are taking the next step by migrating our current products and solutions to a new platform. This platform will provide us with the necessary tools and capabilities to construct a digital landscape that is future-proofed and capable of adapting to the next decade and beyond. Looking back on the progress we have made over the past decade, we are thrilled to contemplate the possibilities that the next ten years may bring.

What does that mean for our customers?
Our customers can anticipate immediate access to an extensive range of tools and solutions, along with a simplified workflow that enhances visibility, pre-population capabilities, and other benefits. Our company’s objective is to offer our customers the finest solutions available in the industry. This move is a significant step forward in the market, as it empowers our customers with the most comprehensive range of tools and solutions available from any single provider. Furthermore, all of these resources are available in one place, accessible with a single login, offering a “new world of commercial real estate possibilities.”

When is it happening?
Over the upcoming months, we will be implementing our transition to this integrated platform. The move will occur in phases, with customers transferring over gradually as part of a structured project. We will communicate with each firm individually to discuss their proposed transition schedule.

However, as you have access to this page, we are anticipating that you have already been in discussions with your Account Manager about this exciting development and are underway in moving over to the new and improved platform.  If you have not had discussions yet, and have stumbled across this page by chance, but are excited by what you read, then do get in touch and we can look at the schedules and discuss your company’s plan with you in more detail.

We’re here to help
Your Account Manager will be with you every step of the way to ensure you have a seamless and smooth transition. Below we have a selection of resources to assist and support you further during this process, but if at any time you need help with something that we haven’t covered, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Here to help you every step of the way


Yes, this will be emailed to you as part of your transition to the new platform.

If you have not received an email or are having problems logging in please send us a message or call +44 (0)800 240 4746 and someone will be able to help.

Don’t worry your user name and password will only allow you into the correct one, have a try and if you get stuck, send us a message or call +44 (0)800 240 4746 and someone will be able to help. 

You may need to change your workflow view, if ForeSite is not displayed as the first item in the bar across the top of the screen.

On the top of the screen click the drop down ‘All Services’ and select commercial which can be found in the bottom right of the box.

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