It's onboarding with acumen

eCOS is our market leading electronic client onboarding solution that allows you and your clients to connect and share information instantly and securely.

Delivering a simplified onboarding process for you and a modern experience for your client, it replaces inefficient and outdated steps with a faster, digital process.

eCOS brings the current fragmented and often time-consuming process of collating essential ‘Know Your Client’ information, form filling and verification checks into a single journey on a platform inspired by the very people who use it.

eCOS provides undeniable time saving while satisfying essential due diligence steps, such as:


verifying identities and funds

completing Law Society protocol forms and onboarding questionnaires

signing and returning client care documents

Reduce your client onboarding by an hour with eCOS


Read our brochure for a full list of features and benefits, for example a dedicated support team not just for you, but your clients too, and our streamlined verification of identity.

Call us on 0800 240 4746 or email us to discuss how your business can save time and money with eCOS.