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A Witness to Subscription Madness?

Unlike competitors, our superior tools and solutions come with no subscription fees, providing unmatched value in the market.

Are you nearing the renewal date for your data subscription service contract?

Before you proceed, we strongly recommend discussing your options with us. Our services can potentially save your law firm thousands of pounds by eliminating subscription fees, while also granting your team access to an extensive array of tools and solutions that surpass the offerings of your current package.

Discover how our solutions can enhance your data services, providing you with the industry’s leading all-in-one platform solution. Our platform is specifically designed to equip legal professionals with everything necessary to efficiently manage complete real estate matters—from conducting thorough site investigations and executing search ordering to visualising results and facilitating seamless client collaboration—all without the burden of subscription costs.

Rest assured, there are no hidden agendas. Our clients benefit from access to the same type of tools you currently utilise, alongside so many more additional features, without the financial constraints of subscription fees. Consider reallocating your budget towards more strategic initiatives, as you can effortlessly access our services for free simply by becoming our client.

Search Acumen’s innovative tools play a key part in helping us to deliver an efficient, client-centric service. Streamlining tasks via the use of Search Acumen’s platform and products helps us to respond more quickly to clients’ needs and enables us to develop a more interactive relationship with them.
Katherine Crowley , Womble Bond Dickinson (UK) LLP
I love what you do. The innovative side of your business is second to none, which is very important to me. You provide everything I need, the platform itself is user friendly and if we have any questions, one of your team members is always there to help.
Corinne Edwards , Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner
Having used Search Acumen at a previous firm, I was delighted when we started using them at gunnercooke too.  Their solutions are brilliant.  They have really good tech that allows you to get a snapshot of a property before starting the searches and also allows you to map out the titles being bought/leased.
Mark Kingsley , gunnercooke
The functionality that's in place is great and outshines anything we have seen in the market. The mapping functionality with all the different data layers is amazing, allowing us to immediately start our research, seeing roads, overlaying the map with google view and much much more, it truly is brilliant.
Sammi Hsu , Collins Benson Goldhill
Search Acumen have designed a simple, easy to navigate, user friendly mapping and data platform, which makes due diligence for lawyers a smoother process.
Hana Satar , Reed Smith
During the process of setting up a new development transaction, I ordered an Illustrative Map as part of my title investigation which helped to identify a parcel of land my client owned but had forgotten about. Only by using the Illustrative Map and investigating the information was I able to identify this. Going forward I'll be recommending this product to all of my clients as part of every site set up.
Paul Dowdall , Gorvins
I have found the new SA platform to be very in depth with far more capabilities and options than we had before. Furthermore, when ordering searches we find that we have far more autonomy in selecting various features or search criteria when ordering searches for our clients.
Francesca Gill , Simeous Law
I have just prepared a Land Transaction Return to send to a client using your SDLT solution and I found it very straightforward and definitely quicker. This will save us so much time going forward.
Carole Evans , Kiteleys Solicitors
More recently, we have become more involved in transitioning our clients to electronic onboarding and identification to meet modern expectations and to move with the times which Search Acumen has been instrumental!
Karen Chui , Nockolds
I love your AP1 solution and I've been telling our partner how great it is. Since we’ve adopted it, the number of requisitions relating to inputting details we get has reduced. We also use your platform for other products which means I no longer have to rekey information into the system as it automatically pre-populates this for us! It’s a wonderful time saving and efficient solution.

I like that it prioritises my automatic notifications . It used to be a manual task which I don’t have to do anymore as the system does it for me. When I first started using your solution I referred to your FAQ section if I was ever unsure and was always able to find the answers to my questions easily.
Sue , Cunningtons LLP

Passionate about providing smart digital solutions

Search Acumen is a UK-based legal technology company that specialises in providing the latest search, data and automation techniques to conveyancers and real estate lawyers. Passionate about providing smart digital solutions that offer improved productivity and efficiencies, our market-leading platforms allow conveyancers and real estate lawyers to complete every step of the property transaction process under one roof.

With years of industry knowledge and excellent customer care, we get legal professionals digitally ready for the next generation of property law.

We see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ businesses, supporting their digitisation agendas and offering opportunities to be innovators within their own markets. Digitisation is happening across the industry, and the importance of choosing the right partner is paramount, get in touch with us now to explore how we can help you.

What Makes Us Different?

We have mastered our craft over the last 4 decades and consider ourselves experts in our field of work. We value the importance of relationships and not only help forward thinking law firms to adopt future-proofed technologies, but also work with them to develop efficient due diligence processes. Since taking our first order in October 2013, we have become the data supplier of choice for many leading commercial and residential firms.

In today’s fast-paced tech landscape, it’s essential to equip your firm with the most up-to-date tools available. Many firms unknowingly miss out on technological advancements or pay for unnecessary solutions due to a lack of awareness about their current package.

At Search Acumen, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve. Our advanced upfront investigation tools offer the latest innovations and a comprehensive scope to empower your team’s success. Unlike competitors who charge substantial fees for inferior products through subscription models, our tools and solutions come with no subscription fees, providing unmatched value in the market.

Don’t settle for outdated or overpriced tech solutions, let us help you to discover how you can equip your firm with the best tools for success, all within our industry-leading one-stop-shop platform.

  • Upfront Investigation Tools
  • Search Ordering
  • Visualisation Tools
  • 500+ Data Layers
  • Post Completion Tools
  • Project Management Workspace
  • Co-Worker/Client Collaboration Tools
  • 3rd Party Integrations eg. HMLR, AVAIL
  • CMS Integration Opportunities

All without an expensive subscription fee!


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