Simple to use service applications

Securing relevance, accuracy, accessibility and speed

We're continually reviewing the search process. When we see an existing process that could be simpler and more effective, or spot the opportunity to provide a valuable extra service using new data, we'll invest in enhancing the service we provide. Meaningful application of technology, using our in depth knowledge of conveyancing, is an approach we call IntelliSearch. It's lead to three major innovations in search services, with many more to come.

Title intelligence
- using essential data

We're committed to unravelling newly available big data to compile just the essential data conveyancers need for greater relevance and insights in the reports you get back.

We're already using open access to Land Registry data to create improved accuracy when you order searches.

This service is called Title Intelligence. It allows conveyancers to visualise and validate a property's location using a live feed from our online portal to official Land Registry data. Conveyancers see a display of their property's boundary on a map of the surrounding area.
Deductive technology
- for quality checks

On top of making our website easy to use, we've embedded quality assurance checks into our personal search system. Our deductive technology determines related enquiries based on the data collected and pre-fills forms to prevent human error slipping in.

Conveyancers benefit from faster and more accurate personal searches, generating industry recognition of our leading turnaround times.

A system that's ready to go without any training

Portfolio cloud
- for volume searches

Due diligence on a portfolio of properties demands timely delivery of a high volume of data.

We've built a series of applications to ensure you can conduct searches across entire portfolios through a single interface and are fully informed of timelines so you never waste time chasing information. You can view your portfolio through a simple presentation of your search history, and create and download consolidated reports for you and your client to view.

Designed for conveyancers acting on behalf of Auction Houses, commercial clients, housing associations or professional landlords, Portfolio Cloud can be easily accessed by multiple users within a firm.